Final project – Social Media News Release

Social media releases are an important tool for public relations practitioners of which many of us wish to be some day in the near future. Social media releases are in use for many reasons. The most important and main reason for their use is to get the readers involved with a certain topic or bit of news that is released to them. The main ways these people get involved is by writing posts in comment sections, blog posts and also create threads on multiple different forums. However, as stated by the website, they should not always be used. Just because they are popular and many people seem to be using them, they can be difficult to use effectively. This said, a public relations practitioners should be wary of any obstacles and more importantly, be used in the most effective situations. Solis also states that another reason is that because social media releases require respect, engagement and transparency, they can be wrongfully used by practitioners because most of the character of many public relations workers do not always follow these traits.

Now, given this, we must weigh our advantages and disadvantages. For the advantages, we can simply look to the website wetpaint because they have already set them aside for us. Most importantly, they are optimized for sharing – people will read them and quickly share them around with people they know through the aforementioned. Also, other pros were it makes a better impression visually than a wire release and also it can tell the entire story through multimedia. As for cons, the disadvantages come with miss-use and using when social media releases are not needed.

A public relations practitioner should use a social media release when a need to get the word out by getting people to talk about something by socializing the news that is released. For me personally, I think that I will have a fun time getting people to read things that I bring up as important news to my organization.

There are many free sites that can help a public relations practitioner or even the average joe how to create a social media release in a fairly effective way. Out of those several sites, there where a few that were more popular than others. Those include and also

Many big name companies and organizations have created social media releases to get the word out. Out of the ones I looked through, one for Southwest airlines caught my eye. Southwest. This airline created a blogosphere for their company and is one of the first to do so. As social media releases become popular for many organizations, we should see major fortune 500 companies use them in the coming years.

As for tips in creating your on social media release, one should use a high level of graphics, be sure to leave a comment section, and many hyperlinks are always helpful. Also, it is important to not use too many graphics, as this could overwhelm the reader and cause them to become uninterested. Lastly, one should use headlines and paragraphs explaining key terms.