T.O.W. – Week 13

For week 13 we were supposed to give 10 ways that PR practitioners can drive journalist crazy and how to not do so. I will attempt to cover these in list form.

  1. Using PR jargon – simply use language that you think the average person would know, not just PR pro’s
  2. Constantly contacting them – give them time, don’t keep bothering them if you don’t see an assignment not done in time.
  3. Ignoring them – This one is a no-brainer,  don’t ignore your journalist, be constructive and work with them. ignoring only makes it worse.
  4. Being too friendly – This is done too much. Don’t be fake to journalist, or anyone else for that matter, most of the time it’s obvious.
  5. Not using correct format – journalist are busy and don’t need to be doing your work too. Do it correctly.
  6. Not knowing deadlines – As a professional you should always be aware of your deadlines as it is your job.
  7. Presenting time and not facts – Journalist again, are very busy. Only facts will be of importance to them.
  8. Sending irrelevant releases – Make sure your press releases are of relevance to the assignment.
  9. Asking for their feature lists – Their job is confidential, don’t push them to release information to you.
  10. Sending out mass info – Again, don’t waste their time, only send them things they will use.

I used the book for many of these, and a few websites to fill the rest.


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