T.O.W. – Week 5

Year in year out, millions of people join together to watch the Superbowl. From my understanding this is the most watched single program of the entire year. In my experience, half of the room actually cares about the game, and the other half love it for the social aspect. Many of these people note that they care more about watching the commercials than they do about the actual game. This is completely understandable as many people do not like football. However, the funny thing is, nearly everyone usually hates commercials, except for this one day. I guess the reasoning for this is because the Superbowl always has the funniest, best commercials that will most likely be played the entire year after this airing.

It seems to me like the only commercials they are on this day are funny ones, at least that is, the ones that get remembered and publicized. Now I am one of those who really hates commercials, especially when they break up game play in many of the sports I love to watch. It seems like every time something happens,  a commercial is brought up, disrupting the flow of the game and all of the momentum that comes with it. I have found that Soccer is the only sport where this does not happen, this is because it has failed to become Americanized by the countless ads and stoppages.

However, on one day of the year, I can tolerate it. At least the commercials keep my attention and are amusing and well thought out for the most part. This year, 2010, was no different. My favorite that I say was the Snickers commercials staring “Betty White.” A man gets tackled and stands up lashing out at his teammates in the form of an old woman who I assume is famous, yet I have know idea who she is. A girl quickly offers her a Snickers and after eating, is instantly transformed back to himself. The tag line for this campaign of Snickers ads is “you’re not you when you’re hungry.” I can easily attest to this as I deal with it all the time whenever my girlfriend is hungry :O


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