T.O.W. – Week 7

For week 7  in PR writing we all made twitter accounts. I never conformed to getting a twitter (for no logical reason other than I didn’t think I needed one.) However, since it is a requirement for this course, I easily made one. My experiences with twitter so far have been good. It seems very interesting and that I will also find major benefits from having one. In the PR world it can help people keep in contact with each other and more importantly, network with people who can help one another out, as well as keep up to date on certain topics.

So far this is the most helpful in terms of my future life that I have been introduced to. I hope that one day through this tool, I will be able to network with people who can both help me in my on job and also gain a strong network of practitioners who can help me find a job or at least give me good advice for how to be the most effective PR practitioner that I can. Also I can keep up to date with people I look up to such as public figures who have twitters or just friends that I want to remain in contact with or check up on from time to time.

I feel like this tool will help me tremendously in my future line of work. I am sure this class will continue to help me with my life after college, after all, that is what I am in school for. This is one of the first eye openers on my future career and it is exciting to get to learn all of the tools that will help me and the tricks of the trade that are so valuable, especially to me as I can build upon these and create my own unique way of networking.



  1. I have to agree with you on this one. I never thought I needed a twitter account as long as I had a facebook…but obviously the PR world will require us bright young talent to have a twitter account as well.

  2. […] -https://smithsws.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/t-o-w-week-5/#comment-3 […]

  3. […] -https://smithsws.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/t-o-w-week-5/#comment-3 […]

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